Temp Fuel System + Exhaust Fab

It’s been a little more than a week since the update, so I figured I’d get you caught up on the progress. Also, I only have five days to go before the NCRC Laguna Seca HPDE on Saturday Jan 31st, so things have been moving pretty quickly…

New fuel cell installed (ATL bladder system and the Aeromotive pump were removed).
The picture of the finished product came out blurry (will update it later), but this will give you a good idea of what was done. It’s a generic plastic 8-gallon fuel cell from Summit Racing with a -8AN inlet and outlet, and of course the fill hole. Given the VERY tight time constraints, I had to settle for this setup as I was able to get it overnighted and installed without affecting the project timeline. Despite the lack of internal baffling (only foam) I should be ok as long as I keep it topped off between sessions (each session being 15-20mins and typically consuming 3-4 gallons).

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