Battery, Wiring & Fuel System

Did some work on the battery and fuel system.

Original battery setup:

Original passenger floorboard:

*Left to right: Fire suppression system, SPA dashboard unit, battery kill

Mike removing the battery and old wiring:

Old wiring and battery tray/wood:

Final results:

New cables for:
-Battery+ to kill
-Battery- to kill
-Fusebox to kill
-Alternator to kill
-Fuse box to starter

Put the car on scales, 2194lbs!: (that’s fully setup, with 3-4 gallons of gas and no driver)

Main wiring




Replacing the noisy and inconsistent fuel pump/filter setup


Fixing a rather stinky and leaky bladder (new seals on order, adding a fuel level sensor/gauge, changing the vent system and fill system

For those that are curious, this is what the original fuel bladder system looked like: (Integra specific setup consisting of dual bladders holding up to 100 liters (26 gallons) of fuel, dual internal fuel pumps, internal surge tank, dual high volume remote fill ports). I’m in talks with ATL-UK to refresh the system back to original specifications.

A little more progress on the wiring tonight:

ECU mounted via an aluminum bracket I quickly rigged together:

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