Thunderhill Track Day

I’m still working through all the data from Saturday’s HPDE event at Thunderhill but I figured I’d share some pictures, video and feedback.

Overall the day was a huge success! Despite having gone to Thunderhill for over 15yrs (as a spectator/passenger rider), this was basically my first time driving this track, and in a car I’m still dialing in and getting used to. Unfortunately since I signed up last minute, NCRC (event organizer) was completely booked but they were able to get me into the advanced (open) group given my experience at Laguna and familiarity with racing techniques/etiquette. I didn’t have an instructor per say, but rather went off my experience as a passenger and having my friend/passenger point the turns-out, especially the blind ones (which Thunderhill has a decent amount of).
Since we got a late start I only got 4 of 5 sessions in. My first session was a wash as most of it was spent learning the track and developing a driving line. Also we discovered the breather system was having major issues (more of that down below). The second session I was getting faster, more comfortable with the car but still having oil breather issues. The third session was even better but still having oil breather problems. The fourth and final session was great.

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AiM Display Setup & Trans Rebuild

AiM MXL2 display
To keep the appearance respectful of the original 24hr Spa design, I created a new carbon back panel for the AiM cluster bezel. Also, I’m still cleaning up the wiring, but all the sensors are connected and functioning. Here’s a break down on the entire AiM system:
AiM MXL2 display
AiM 22pin auxiliary harness that’s connected to the Hondata S300 V4 via Rs232 wire
AiM 4-port CAN data expansion hub
AiM PT100 temp sensor (3 – engine coolant, engine oil and transmission oil)
AiM PRS pressure sensor (2 – fuel and engine oil)
AiM EGT thermocouple
AiM Brake Pressure sensor (2 – front & rear w/bias math channel)
AiM LCU-One wideband Lambda Controller w/ CAN & Analog output
AiM SmartyCam HD v2.0 (w/integrated CAN connection & external mic)


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Fire System + New Dash

SPA 4l fire system
A new 4l bottle w/ 6 nozzles (3 for the engine and 3 for the interior). The current bottle being used is the original piece that came with the car in 1999/2000 and is a dual chamber 3.375l unit and has 4 nozzles; 3 for the engine and 1 for the interior. Aside from being way past it’s shelf life, the bottle has started to crack and leak AFFF foam. The new unit is slightly bigger (0.625l larger) and allows me to run an extra nozzle for the passenger side and for the rear fuel system. Rather than being mounted in the passenger foot area, I’ll most likely be mounting it behind the passenger seat.
Here’s a side by side comparison of old vs new:

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