Fire System + New Dash

SPA 4l fire system
A new 4l bottle w/ 6 nozzles (3 for the engine and 3 for the interior). The current bottle being used is the original piece that came with the car in 1999/2000 and is a dual chamber 3.375l unit and has 4 nozzles; 3 for the engine and 1 for the interior. Aside from being way past it’s shelf life, the bottle has started to crack and leak AFFF foam. The new unit is slightly bigger (0.625l larger) and allows me to run an extra nozzle for the passenger side and for the rear fuel system. Rather than being mounted in the passenger foot area, I’ll most likely be mounting it behind the passenger seat.
Here’s a side by side comparison of old vs new:

AiM MXL2 display
Since the car is now running a Hondata system (S300 v3 white board) it has a CAN and serial outputs (Rs232) and can communicate with a display device such as the AiM MXL2. I know, I know, most of you are thinking…”oh my, don’t hack up the car and remove the vintage steering wheel mounted SPA mini-display”, don’t fret, here’s my plan… My other racecar (ITR 717) runs a Motec M800 but lacks a display device. I’m going to hot swap this display between both cars since it can communicate with both systems. The existing SPA mini-display, wiring, sensors, dash panel, etc… will be removed in it’s entirety but won’t be harmed in any way and can easily be added back if needed. You may be thinking, why would I switch displays? Well, the car was originally built to run off a MBE Systems EMS. When Hein sold the car the MBE unit was removed and replaced with an Electromotive system which was subsequently removed by IPG for a more modern Hondata system. With support from Lawrence (Dynospot Racing/Synergy Auto) I’ve upgraded to the Hondata to support the CPR unit (coil pack retrofit) and upgraded the board to the v3 white version so that I can use Bluetooth for tuning and remote diagnostics, but also because I can upgrade the display. While the vintage SPA mini-display is very cool, it lacks many features I personally prefer.
The MXL2 is AiM’s newest display and offers a tremendous amount of features and is probably the best bang for the buck on the market.

AiM MXL2 Display

I removed the original steering wheel mounted SPA mini display, carbon gauge cluster panel and installed the new AiM MXL2 display. I didn’t want to harm any of the original SPA parts so I procured a replacement trim bezel from Pick ‘n Pull and created my own mounting bracket.
The display is able to communicate with the Hondata S300 v2 (white board) over an Rs232 wire and can display several Honda sensors such as rpm, speed, gear, throttle position, air temp, water temp, map, vtec spool, vtec oil pressure switch, lambda, knock, etc…

I still need to connect the additional (non-Honda) sensors, however, everything thus far is working pretty good.

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