History 101

I’ve been meaning to get this posted, but here’s a copy of the February 2001 Sport Compact Car article on Hein’s story building and racing this car at SPA 24hrs.
Also as a cool side note, the photography and article was done by Peter Brock. If you don’t know of him, you should. Here’s a link:

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More Track Prep & Restoration Work

Breather box
I finished routing the new hoses a few weeks back. I’m now running a single -12AN line off the valve cover to the breather box, and a -10an drain from the breather box to the rear lower port on the engine block. The drain also has a manual valve that I’ll keep closed while racing and will open to drain between sessions. Hopefully this will solve the breather/oil overflow issues.

As part of double checking everything and dialing-in the chassis on the track, I asked my old friend Graham Downey assist me with the alignment. I’ve known Graham and the Downey family about 18yrs and was eager to get it on the rack with his help. If you haven’t heard of Graham, check out his video’s on youtube. He kills it in his civic hatch and S2K. We adjusted the corner weights with me in it (it was definitely off quite a bit), and then did the alignment afterwards. As you can see the front and rear toe was out of whack, but the camber was pretty reasonable. We ended up only setting the toe to zero (for a more neutral feel) and left the camber where it was. The caster is still off side-to-side, however, we’ll have to mess with that next time by trying to shift the subframe. Also he noticed the suspension was set way too soft and was likely causing some of issues I had at Thunderhill last month. We’re going to start messing with the shock settings at Laguna in May during the next track day.

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