More Track Prep & Restoration Work

Breather box
I finished routing the new hoses a few weeks back. I’m now running a single -12AN line off the valve cover to the breather box, and a -10an drain from the breather box to the rear lower port on the engine block. The drain also has a manual valve that I’ll keep closed while racing and will open to drain between sessions. Hopefully this will solve the breather/oil overflow issues.

As part of double checking everything and dialing-in the chassis on the track, I asked my old friend Graham Downey assist me with the alignment. I’ve known Graham and the Downey family about 18yrs and was eager to get it on the rack with his help. If you haven’t heard of Graham, check out his video’s on youtube. He kills it in his civic hatch and S2K. We adjusted the corner weights with me in it (it was definitely off quite a bit), and then did the alignment afterwards. As you can see the front and rear toe was out of whack, but the camber was pretty reasonable. We ended up only setting the toe to zero (for a more neutral feel) and left the camber where it was. The caster is still off side-to-side, however, we’ll have to mess with that next time by trying to shift the subframe. Also he noticed the suspension was set way too soft and was likely causing some of issues I had at Thunderhill last month. We’re going to start messing with the shock settings at Laguna in May during the next track day.

Rear Window
I’ve finally had enough with that ugly and hard to see out of rear window. I was able to snatch up a new FAL molded window for pretty cheap and will be having it glued in place in the coming weeks.

After, pre-install/fitment

New outer brake ducts
The original ducts were pretty trashed. Some of the mounting holes were torn and the structure was pretty banged up. Most of the damage was from age/prior owners, however, I’m pretty sure I crunched them a few times by hitting the splitter and forcing the lip into the bumper/ducts.
As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been in talks with the company that originally made the air box and outer bumper ducts, and was able to get them to make a few replacement sets. The quality is pretty damn good. The original units seemed a bit studier but these should do the job just fine.


New composite oil pan gasket & pan inspection
The oil pan has been leaking quite a bit since I got the car. The OE oil pan gasket looked pretty squished and surprisingly seemed quite brittle/cooked. Also this would give me a chance to check out the baffle design of this old school Moroso pan. Sadly I completely dropped the ball and forgot to take pictures of the pan, however it features a new pick-up for the extended sump, and has two trap doors. Nothing fancy, just a large capacity pan with a few re-welded spots probably from the previous engine/rod failure. After resurfacing the pan (the flange corrosion was out of control), I installed one of those awesome myHondahabit composite gaskets. I’ve used one on my daily driver for the past year with zero leaks. Also I used this as an opportunity to refill the engine with some Moble 1 15-50.

Interesting engine discovery…
While I had the oil pan off I noticed the engine had Honda P72 rods installed w/ARP bolts, not Eagle rods as originally expected. When I purchased the car I was told it had 81.5mm 11.5:1 cast pistons, Eagle rods (stock length), unknown valvetrain, and Skunk Tuner 2 cams. Thankfully I’ve kept the rpms around 9k, however, boy that would have been a surprise had a rod snapped. Given it has cast pistons (likely to fail at some point), I’m going to start putting together a new BIG motor for later this year (maybe late summer/fall time). I’m still staying with B-series, but I’m going to aim for a power level closer to 240whp vs. the current 195whp.

Carbon mirrors
Call it vanity or the fact I couldn’t resist purchasing a set of new Spoofen carbon knock off mirrors from ebay for $60 shipped, but I figured I’d given them a try. While they match the look of the car much better than the stock pieces, especially with the carbon theme, they do compromise visibility a bit. I’ll keep them on for the time being but I’ll likely remove them before the next track day. I’d rather have good vision over looks any day. 

redGSRguy making a cameo
He’s decided that the K-series is too much motor for him so he’s going back to B-series…

Next up:
– Relocate and Install new fire extinguisher bottle/nozzles
– Glue rear window & fix crack on windshield
– Replace old brake lines
– Finish prep for Laguna Seca on Sat, May 23rd.

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