Livery and Lip Updates

I actually have a diecast model that’s identical to that piece, however, I don’t have the plaque it’s sitting on. I’ve been searching all over the web (mostly Belgium websites) for more information on the model but this is the first time I’ve seen anything. I wonder if my model is the same one on this site (perhaps the original owner sold it) or were several copies produced? I’ll shoot over some emails to find out… Also Hein wasn’t aware of this model either so it was something a Belgium shop/enthusiast produced back in 2000. Similar models are also found here:

Here’s a picture of my model:

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Visiting the Foss-Tech ITR

Get ready to have your minds blown…

Yesterday I took the day off work to meet up with an individual that’s familiar with some of the history with my car and someone who also owns a two similar ITR’s, plus a wealth of other ITR and Integra paraphilia. For privacy reasons I won’t disclose the location or his name, however, needless to say this was the ultimate “barn find” of sorts.

First off he owns a complete Foss-Tech ITR, an additional semi-built Foss-tech ITR, plus a half dozen or so salvaged 98 and 00 ITR’s, and maybe another half dozen salvaged GSR’s. Excluding the Foss-Tech cars, all are California cars (no rust) and all were salvaged from during the ’98-early 2000 era, meaning these cars likely have less than 20k miles. For the most part the bodies were good with most missing either the interior and/or the engine. The collection was stunning. But even more stunning was the array of spare Foss-Tech parts, spare ITR parts and engines. For privacy sake I don’t want to go into specifics but wow, simply wow.

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