Livery and Lip Updates

I actually have a diecast model that’s identical to that piece, however, I don’t have the plaque it’s sitting on. I’ve been searching all over the web (mostly Belgium websites) for more information on the model but this is the first time I’ve seen anything. I wonder if my model is the same one on this site (perhaps the original owner sold it) or were several copies produced? I’ll shoot over some emails to find out… Also Hein wasn’t aware of this model either so it was something a Belgium shop/enthusiast produced back in 2000. Similar models are also found here:

Here’s a picture of my model:

Still a work in progress but I’m going to recreate the original livery as much as possible. Here’s a small sample of what’s come in the mail thus far…

New front lip & splitter
Originally the car ran a FossTech front lip that’s very similar to the P1 or Realtime piece and also used a carbon kevlar and aluminum honey-comb splitter. To avoid ruining the existing and irreplaceable carbon splitter, I’m going to use a P1 lip and wood (or DiBond) splitter.
Oh and pardon by rattle can paint job on the lip, it’s temporary until I get the bumper repainted next month. I’ll post an installed picture once I finish the wet-sanding/polishing later this week.

Still have to some work to do on fitting the carbon bumper ducts, trimming the splitter to clear the carbon brake knuckle ducts.

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