Blast from the Past

This just arrived in the mail. After countless hours digging through archives, I found this book in a random bookstore in France. More to come…

got an AMAZING package from Mark Hein today, a photo book commenting his 2000 trip to Spa that Peter Brock had made after their return from Europe. And he even signed it with personal note!

Also he included a few other magazine articles on the car, as well as one featuring his 2003 Spa winning Civic which included a picture of my car in the pits. This verifies that my car made two trips to Spa (2000 and 2003), however, it was only used for practice purposes and ran around 20 or so laps. Also if you look closely you’ll notice the Foss-Tech lip and splitter (the P1 I just installed is a similar design).

Enjoy and more awesomeness come…

And another article mention on the Foss-Tech cars from 1998:


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