Damage from Laguna

Some sad news…

While installing the new rear upper arm and rear toe link, I discovered the rear trailing arm got twisted when the upper arm broke.

While visually it looks within spec to a spare arm I had lying around, it only takes a few hundredths here or there to affect the alignment. Sure I could adjust it out with the upper and toe arm, however, given the force/stress the arm saw, I’d rather not risk using it again. I’ve asked Chase to order a new arm and I’ll be creating a new template for the welded rear box structure. It’s amazing how much work Mark and Fosstech did on these arms.

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Dog box Inspection

Tranny Saturday
On the left is one of the four dog-box transmissions. On the right is Mr. Conley’s OE 4.9 transmission that he’s selling (coolhandluke).
Check out those custom forks, reinforced selector box and oversized ieverything. Both sides of the case have custom CNC machining to resolve any clearance issues. While this particular transmission has been previously used, it’s pretty much brand new with almost no signs of wear.

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New Airbox + Dogs on Dogs on Dogs

Lots of stuff in in the works so more updates are coming but I figured I’d share this little err rather BIG surprise.

The European company that built the original carbon airbox and bumper brake ducts are in the process of creating an updated mold for a much LARGER airbox. The original piece works fine, especially for regular sized engines, however, I wanted something special. Something that could support the new and much larger B-series motor I’m building.

I can’t say much on the size or pricing, however, I can say that it will be 100% carbon like the original piece and will likely require the removal or relocation of the ABS pump. Also the snorkel comes out the front next to the radiator (ram air style).

Here’s a picture of the prototype:

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