Dog box Inspection

Tranny Saturday
On the left is one of the four dog-box transmissions. On the right is Mr. Conley’s OE 4.9 transmission that he’s selling (coolhandluke).
Check out those custom forks, reinforced selector box and oversized ieverything. Both sides of the case have custom CNC machining to resolve any clearance issues. While this particular transmission has been previously used, it’s pretty much brand new with almost no signs of wear.

Fitment case installed to verify functionality and clearance. This is a must with dog-box’s but also great for OE synchromesh transmissions.

This is very DIFFerent…
The differential that’s installed in all four transmissions lack a VSS ring. I’ll need to check with Mark but I’m guessing they didn’t need a speed sensor and the MBE ECU’s they ran didn’t require a VSS. Since Hondata does, I’ll either need to get a machine shop cut VSS groves in the differential (not fun), or will need a different differential unit (might use Ryan’s carbon ATS unit or a spare MFactory unit I have laying around somewhere).

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