redGSRguy’s 1998 Integra Type-R

Thought it would be fun to put off some work and create a thread for my Integra Type-R.

Will update it as the work day permits! After updating I realize I suck at documenting and keeping track of things.
More random part pics on Instagram

Huge fan of the JDM front end so when I needed a new car I picked this one up!

Came with the JDM 16s / Zeal Coilovers / Spoon Cams + Cam Gears

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Air Jacks + Fuel system and more Goodies

Finally the boxes are here! I’ve been waiting on these parts for almost six long months. Oddly they were ordered at two different times, and from two different companies but arrived within a day of each other. Up first…

AP Racing air jacks, jack supports, and air lance/bleed control valve
The car was originally equipped with air jacks, however, a previous owner removed and sold them several years back. After some extensive research and measurement taking, I ordered a new set of air jacks from AP Racing UK. These are the same jacks most Le Mans, Endurance and BTCC cars use. My car uses a tripod system with a single jack in the rear and two up front located behind the headlights. The system runs off compressed nitrogen at around 320-430psi and can raise the car 310mm (12″). Also each jack weights in at just under 3lbs per jack. In total I’m only adding about 10lbs to the vehicle weight. The high quality and lightness does come at a price through…. a very big price….

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