Air Jacks + Fuel system and more Goodies

Finally the boxes are here! I’ve been waiting on these parts for almost six long months. Oddly they were ordered at two different times, and from two different companies but arrived within a day of each other. Up first…

AP Racing air jacks, jack supports, and air lance/bleed control valve
The car was originally equipped with air jacks, however, a previous owner removed and sold them several years back. After some extensive research and measurement taking, I ordered a new set of air jacks from AP Racing UK. These are the same jacks most Le Mans, Endurance and BTCC cars use. My car uses a tripod system with a single jack in the rear and two up front located behind the headlights. The system runs off compressed nitrogen at around 320-430psi and can raise the car 310mm (12″). Also each jack weights in at just under 3lbs per jack. In total I’m only adding about 10lbs to the vehicle weight. The high quality and lightness does come at a price through…. a very big price….

New Battery isolator
The original isolator system is still working, however, I’ve noticed that from time to time the relay sticks open or closed. Before it becomes a major reliability issue, I went ahead and contacted the company that made the original unit and purchased a replacement with some new and improved changes. You can see the original unit towards the beginning of this thread.

New carbon core SPA Hirschmann fire suppression power pack
The original steel unit is getting pretty old and before it becomes a liability I decided to replace it. While it’s a little excessive, I’ve opted for the carbon core version for weight reduction (only a few grams saved but it looks bad ass and matches the other carbon bits on the car).

AiM remote button control
A long awaited upgrade for the MXL2 display, a CAN link to control the display using remote buttons located on the steering wheel. This will be a nice improvement allowing me to change display modes to view sensors/settings.

And now for box #2…

New ATL fuel system
As you may have read in the earlier posts in this thread, the car was originally equipped with a custom made FIA certified 100l (26 gallon) ATL fuel bladder system that Mardi Gras Racing in the UK developed back in 1999 for endurance racing. The cell meets FIA FT3-1999 specs and is a Kevlar/Aramid based material, the standard in the BTCC and WTCC,
When I purchased the car, the upper bladder was missing and the lower bladder was severely leaking due to old age. I installed a makeshift 8 gallon cell but it was only intended to be a temporary solution to get the car on the track ASAP.
Typically fuel bladders have a lifespan of 5-7years (FIA certified for 5yrs and can be extended an extra 2yrs with a recert) and my original unit was almost 15yrs old. After several phone calls with ATL USA and ATL UK, I was a able to get the original system recreated using the CAD design from 1999 and based off the serial number on my original bladders! They said it could take 4-6 months to create (they’re typically tied up with pro team work for the likes of F1) but it would be well worth the wait.
Aside from the insane volume of fuel it can hold, the dual bladders feature extensive high-density foam, numerous trap-doors, a self-venting system, electronic fuel level sensor, and dual Walbro fuel pumps. The dual fuel pumps are redundant and will connect to the existing reserve switch on my center console. The idea is to switch to the secondary pump should the first one fail or during an endurance race to prevent overheating one of the pumps.
Honestly the design and system is about as good as it gets. More to come on this system as get it installed. It was ungodly wait and cost but well worth it.

Direct from Europe, new anti-roll bar blades!
I had three blades made so I’ll have a spare set going forward. For added strength, the new blades are 2-way adjustable rather then 3-way. Considering you can adjust each side independently, a 2-way adjustment is more then sufficient since I can technically adjust both sides making the setup 3-way adjustable or 5-way if I use the remaining 3-way adjustable arm. And as expected the quality and machining is amazing!

New OE hubs
The passenger rear hub went out on my daily driver so while ordering a replacement, I also got a set for the race car. I figured with all the side load the car saw during the slide, especially in the rear, and considering how much stress the hub sees with on a full spherical and reinforced setup, I might has well swap them out before they become a problem. Plus I have no idea how old the hubs are so it’s good preventative maintenance.

New OE rear trailing arms
To replace the bent passenger arm, I got a new OE arm from Chase, plus I got an additional set of arms to have as spares (who knows how long ITR spindles will exist).

Metal reinforcement
As part of replacing the bent arm, I’ll need to remake the “boxed” reinforcement structure that Fosstech originally fabricated. The entire arm was strengthened with a gusseted steel plate and incorporated steel reinforcement tubes around the spindle area. Additionally, the arm was also provisioned for the anti-roll bar attachment link near the upper control arm attachment point. To accomplish this fabrication I ordered a sheet of chromoly and thick walled tube, enough to fabricate all three arms. Not pictured are the dimple dies, knockout punches and tig welder that I’ll use. More to come next week as I start the fabrication process.

The car as it sits before I had to travel for work
I removed the bumper, headlights and splitter mounts so I can start installing the air jack system. So far everything is fitting pretty well, but more to come on this. Same with the new fuel system…

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