Headlight Decisions

As part of returning the car back to it’s original setup, I’m debating between running headlights (endurance style) or using the carbon fiber headlight caps (touring car style). What do you think? I’m leaning towards the headlight caps, but I really like how the headlights look.

Both Styles: (I also have carbon corner lights but I’m thinking that might be too much)

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Fuel System + Roll cage info

The air jacks are done but haven’t been able to test the car on the ground since I’m waiting on the rear trailing arm replacement.

ATL Fuel System
I’ve now switched my focus to the fuel system. After spending a few days removing the old setup, I cleaned and relined the containment box with new heat shielding film and neoprene rubber before installing the new lower bladder. The fitment is pretty close to perfect. Next up is the plumbing which will take some time. The system uses dual fuel pumps that can either be ran together (high-flow) or ran independently (redundant setup) where one pump will act as a reserve back-up. In the spirit of endurance racing, I’ll likely run the pumps in this manner and use the existing “fuel reserve” switch on the center console for the second pump. Regarding the wiring, I’ll try to connect everything so that when the reserve switch is thrown, it will shut off the primary pump and activate the secondary pump. Additionally, I will also connect two -6AN one-way valves between the fuel pumps and the Y-adapter so back-flow won’t be an issue. From the Y-adapter, a single -8AN line will run up to the fuel rail and fuel pressure regulator. (not sure if I’ll run the lines under or inside the car?) The return line will be -6AN and for safety I’ll plumb new fire nozzles to cover the bladder box, and will also use compression style fittings/hoses once I get the layout finalized using spare parts.
Below are some pictures showing the lower bladder installed (hard to see) and also the upper bladder mock installed. The last picture is with the metal lid to give you an idea of how the system will look.

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Mini Updates and a Visit from Chase

Update – Car History
After doing a little digging, I discovered the car was originally from League City, Texas and purchased by someone with the last name Luu on 7/10/98. On 10/14/99 the interior and engine were stolen making the car a total loss. Shortly thereafter Mark purchased the rolling shell and converted it into a race car for the 24hrs of Spa Francorchamps. All previous owners are now accounted for as with the cars racing history!

Update – New carbon airbox
The company that originally made the awesome air box is done with the new revised mold and is the process of pressing the carbon for the first unit. I can’t share any pictures yet but I’ve asked them to make the throttle body opening 75mm and feature larger inlet and flat panel filter. More to come on this….

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