Mini Updates and a Visit from Chase

Update – Car History
After doing a little digging, I discovered the car was originally from League City, Texas and purchased by someone with the last name Luu on 7/10/98. On 10/14/99 the interior and engine were stolen making the car a total loss. Shortly thereafter Mark purchased the rolling shell and converted it into a race car for the 24hrs of Spa Francorchamps. All previous owners are now accounted for as with the cars racing history!

Update – New carbon airbox
The company that originally made the awesome air box is done with the new revised mold and is the process of pressing the carbon for the first unit. I can’t share any pictures yet but I’ve asked them to make the throttle body opening 75mm and feature larger inlet and flat panel filter. More to come on this….

New key
While Chase was staying at my place last week, we were able to get a key made so I can lock the doors. While it’s pretty useless on a car that lacks side windows, it was annoying having door locks I couldn’t use. Plus it gave Chase a reason to visit the parts department of a local Acura dealership. As you can see, he wasn’t impressed with the service, their attitude or inventory…

ATL Fuel System
I got the old “temporary” fuel system removed and have started prepping the chassis for the install of the bladder setup. To prevent punctures or premature wearing you have to cover the containment shell with a soft padding. Most of the original padding was quite old and brittle so I’ve started the process of lining the walls with heat resistant shielding before applying a layer of neoprene to the surface. Additionally, I’ve also added a fire and heat resistant barrier to the bottom containment tray and will also be plumbing a fire suppression nozzle to the bladder area (I’m currently only using 3 of the 6 available fire nozzles).

AP Racing air jacks
I was hoping to have these finished up a few weeks ago, but a few delays slowed me down.
First off, the UK company that I some specialty fittings from forgot to send the 10mm hose for the air jacks. While it doesn’t seem like a big problem, the banjo fittings I got were specially made for this particular (hard-line) hose. Rather than waiting a few more weeks for the correct hose to arrive (as I can’t locate any in the US), I opted to switch to AN banjo fittings so I could run regular -6AN “Pro-Lite” hose. Next, I had to cut the front (wood) P1 splitter for the jack pistons to shoot through. I’m a little wary of cutting and using the original carbon splitter but I might if I can find a suitable backup. Lastly, Chase joined me last week while I picked a few nitrogen air tanks and pressure regulators and tested out the rear air jack using my garage air compressor and hose (175psi) – video link is below. I should have the entire system running later this week or by this weekend.

Awesome YouTube video of the rear air jack in action… looks like CGI!

Rear reinforced trailing arm
Originally I was going to remake the arm myself, however, in an effort to allocate my time towards critical projects and not get bogged down in time consuming one-offs, I took Mark (Hein) up on his offer to remake the arms at his machine shop. I shipped the bent and a new replacement arm a few weeks ago and he’s going to recreate the necessary provisions and reinforcements. ETA 2-4 weeks

Plumbed in the front air jacks last night and will finish rear plumbing and fill valve later tonight and tomorrow night. Also will be using the original hose mounting brackets on the chassis.

Air valve installed… Just need to connect the rear jack to the front jacks and I’m done!

Also sporting a new rear plate (picked it up at the Monterey historic race at Laguna Seca)

I finished installing the air jacks last night. Below is a test run using 150psi compressed air (normally would use 250-350psi nitrogen)

Video #2 (front)

Video #1 (rear)

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