Carbon Overload + Wiring/Brake Overhaul

New air box arrived!
The new air box arrived last night and wow, just wow. As you can see in the pictures (the original unit is on the left and the new one is on the right), it’s almost identical to the original piece. The main difference is the larger throttle body opening (75mm) and a revised and free flowing air filter element.
As expected the quality is very good, especially given it’s handmade to order.
If anyone is interested in purchasing one of these air boxes, please PM me directly. Given it’s a 100% race part, I’m not sure what modifications would be required on a street car, however, I’m sure the ABS unit has to be removed or relocated.

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Deep cleaning and misc updates

A few updates…

Headlight setup
Looks like I’m going to proceed with using the headlight caps “touring car style”. While I like the look of the headlights it will give me some extra room in the engine bay and will simply things a little. I’ll probably put the headlights back on a some point, but for now it will be carbon caps.

Much needed cleaning…
As part of plumbing the new fuel and fire system, and new battery kill switch, I decided to remove the passenger foot plate so I could give the floor some much needed cleaning. More to come on the progress…

The foot plate before:

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