Wiring + New Brake lines

I forgot to take some pictures of the specifics but I more or less finished the rewiring of the car. Since I won’t be running headlights I removed the associated wires in the engine bay. Similar to my other race car, I’m going to make the entire system modular where I can easily hot swap harness features based on the events I’ll be running. A few small items remain, however, I’ll attack those while I put everything back in the car.

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New seat mount + Caliper Rebuild

New driver floor seat mount & bracket
Prior to my ownership of the car, someone removed the factory seat mount on the driver side (shown below). I’m not sure exactly why it was removed or why they chose to permanently cut it out rather than drilling the spot-welds, but I’m pretty sure the former it had to do with a generic seat mount not fitting with the OE mounting points and the latter having to do with convenience. Anyhow, it drives me crazy seeing the bracket missing so I’ve opted to take on the project of replacing the both the bracket and seat mount.
Last Sunday I headed over to the local pick ‘n pull (good old $2 entry fee) to find a suitable donor vehicle. In this case it was a white ’97 Integra LS that had been T-boned. I came well equipped with a battery powered reciprocating saw, a drill and an assortment of random tools. After a few pilot holes were drilled (for the saw blade to fit through), I cut a hole around the bracket and had it out in under 30mins. Yes I could have cleanly drilled the spot welds buy why? I don’t know about you, but the less time I spend at pick ‘n pull the better. I’ll finish up the bracket at home and will prepare it for welding when I get time in the coming weeks.
As for the seat brackets, I picked up a set of driver and passenger PCI Multi-Adjustable Race Spec Seat Mounts (talk about a mouthful). Not only will the brackets lineup with the factory mounting holes but they’ll also allow me to adjust the seats in all four directions and will provide an excellent fifth or sixth submarine belt mount (not pictured but you can Google the mount).

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