One Year of Ownership

For those that didn’t see my post on Instagram or Facebook, exactly one year ago yesterday I took delivery of this amazing race car. I’ve had it on the track a few times and have almost completed an extensive and rather exhaustive resurrection. Best of all, I’ve made some AMAZING relationships with some truly great people and shops from around the world. It’s great to see how helpful people are, especially with a 15 year old race car. A special and HUGE thank you goes out to Mark Hein, the original owner/builder/driver. The success of this resurrection couldn’t have been possible without his help.
THANK YOU and I can’t wait to get “old yeller” back on the track in 2016!

To celebrate, below are some historical racing shots in it’s prime; at Spa Francorchamps and in the Speedvision & Speed World Challenge Series:

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New Seats + Misc Prep

For those wondering why I keep working on the car rather than getting it on the track, I’m still waiting on the ELR wheel studs and modified rear trailing arm (I sent it out last July and was hoping to get it back a few months ago). The current ETA is the next two or three weeks. In the meantime, I’m keeping myself busy with a long to-do list since the car is more or less stuck on jack stands until then. Once the arm and studs arrive, I’ll be able to button up the suspension, perform a full alignment and corner weight, do quick dyno tuning session with Lawrence and get it back on the track.

Cobra Sebring Pro Technology Seat
After realizing how small tight the passenger seat was, and considering the current OMP driver’s seat is not the original seat for the car, I was in the market for replacement drivers seat so I could move the larger OMP seat to the passenger side (plus is would give the passenger side head protection). Originally Mark used a Cobra Suzuka and while I like that seat a lot, I wanted something with side to side head protection (the OMP won me over for that very feature).
After some research, I decided on the Cobra Sebring Pro Technology. The seat is basically the same as the Suzuka but incorporates side head protection and is HANS compatible. The seat weight is about 11lbs and uses a full carbon fiber shell. It also exceeds (3 times) the FIA 8855-1999 standards @ 63g. The Technology/Outlast part of the seat is in relation to the foam and fabric used (energy absorbing foam padding, Dinamica upholstery with leather anti-wear patches and Outlast heat/cooling regulating system). I absolutely love this seat.

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