1-Year into the Build thread

Exactly one year ago today I started this build thread and the reception and interest I’ve received has been absolutely amazing! While I’m normally a pretty private guy, everyone’s curiosity and support has continued to push me to share the progress. Thank you!

Due to the holidays and year-end related work, I haven’t made a ton of progress since the Dec 18th update, however, several items are in motion:

Rear trailing arm is almost done
A few pieces still need to be welded, however, the arm is pretty close to being ready. Once finished, I’ll be able to button up the suspension, bleed the brakes, get the car back on the ground, test the air jacks and get it on the alignment rack. Hopefully by month end I’ll have this done.

Wheel studs
They finally arrived from Belgium as the shipment got delayed due to the recent events in Paris/Belgium.
I know it sounds strange to get custom wheels studs, especially since ARP sells them for cheap, however, Mark swears by these and said I’d appreciate the design.

Picture coming soon

New driver & passenger harnesses
For Xmas I picked up a set of new (red) Schroth Profi II-6 harness. This is more or less the same harness the car originally used, however, with some modern upgrades. Amazingly the original harness from 1999 was still on the car and while it was still in great condition, I didn’t feel comfortable trusting a 15 year old harness. The passenger side will also use same setup.

Picture coming soon

Manifold testing
This picture is more for fun if anything, but here’s how the Skunk2 Ultra Race w/a 2l spacer looks like compared to the Kinsler manifold from my other race car. I won’t be testing the Kinsler on this car (it doesn’t fit) but I will be testing a plethora of spacer combinations and intake manifolds to get the perfect powerband shape with my gearing.

Carbon tubes
These arrived a few weeks ago. 3” 100% carbon tubes. I’ll be using these, along with a series of other carbon bits to finish up the intake and brake system, as with a few other cooling items.

New engine still in progress
The cylinder head core arrived (’98 ITR to match the ’98 chassis) and is almost ready to be sent out for some machining and upgrades. The block is also here (B20) and will be stripped and prepped for the new setup. Also speaking of which the custom pistons should be here in the next 2-3 weeks. More to come once I get the car back running with the existing engine.

Window net latch
After much research and digging through racing catalogs, I think I found the original window net latch. I’ll have it in a few days, but it’s the right one, I’ll be able to reuse the original mounting holes. If not, I’ll fab up something new.

Missing track decals
After speaking with Mark, I discovered a few tracks were missing from the list. I think I got all of them now, however, I’ll keep digging.

I’m still waiting on some items to get finished up by various shops, however, I did get the seats and harnesses more or less installed. The positioning still needs to be finalized but so far it’s looking great!

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