Carbon Overload


Some of the harder to see carbon bits

Carbon transmission & inner CV duct

When I got the car this part was stuffed in a box of random carbon bits as apparently no one knew was it was or used for. After analyzing the shape, speaking with Mark and digging through old Spa 24hr books, I realized it was a Fosstech transmission and inner CV duct. If you read my past posts you’ll recall that Fosstech / Thompson Composites was the creator of these parts and were supplied on their $250k+ Fosstech Type R’s.
The piece is pretty trick by fully surrounding the lower bell housing while also routing air into the inner CV. In speaking with Mark he said it’s a really cool piece but can only do so much. It’s not a replacement for upgraded axles or top tier transmission fluid, but it does help with overall cooling, especially in endurance events. I’ll be testing this part and analyzing the results with a high precision temperature sensor that I already have installed in the drain port.

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