New ELR wheel studs

ELR wheel studs arrived
Thanks to Mark (Hein) and Marc (ELR), I finally got the handmade wheel studs from Europe. While I was going to settle for basic ARP units, Mark said the ELR pieces are worth the wait/cost. Boy was he right, they are beautiful and will perform great during rapid wheel changes. Also the knurl is perfectly sized.

Wheels studs & front hubs
Pressed out the OE studs and pressed in the ELR pieces. It’s amazing how perfectly machined they are. The knurl diameter was spot on and they pressed in with just enough force.

Carbon brake & CV ducts
While pressing in the new hubs I also used this as an opportunity to clean and refresh the hardware on the carbon ducts. Additionally, due to the larger CV boots, I had to open up the hole in the carbon ducts to prevent any contact.

Front knuckle more or less assembled
I’m still debating which Pagid compounds to run but here it is with new RS19’s. Likely I’ll be using RS29 (front) and RS4-2 (rear).

Another progress shot
Added the bumper and fenders for mockup purposes. Looking good so far!

Carbon headlight caps back on!

Ported Runners

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