Visit to Mark in Florida

Over the weekend I flew out to Florida to visit Mark and his wife, and what a fantastic weekend we had. Mark is such an increasable guy and a wealth of information. His history in racing is stunning, especially his involvement with Honda since the 80’s. I’m not going to go into all the details of the trip as I want to respect his privacy, but here’s a small sample of pictures I’ll share:

His British Super Touring Accord:

A scale model of the Honda NSX GT1 that was used for wind tunnel testing. Mark actually owned and drove a few of these NSX race cars back in the early/mid 90’s:

2000 24hrs of Spa Francorchamps Coupe du Roi trophy (won with my car):

Pictures, results book and race program for the 2000 24hrs of Spa:

His amazing Civic Type R (won several races including the 2003 miles of Spa “24hr race” in 2003 and a few events in the US):

Some not seen before pictures of my car at Spa in 2000:

As for the rebuild process, everything is done except for installing the passenger rear trailing arm (it’s arriving later today), putting fluids back in the engine, adding fuel to calibrate the level sensor and installing the hood. I should have it running and back on the ground (pending an alignment) this weekend. Here’s a sneak peek of the oil system hoses and rear trailing arm:

More to come later this week…

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