Long awaited Arm returns home

The rear trailing arm arrived! A huge thank you to Mark Hein, Frank Gyuru, Integral Machining, and Roy at Crummy Welding. The machining and welds look fantastic and I think it’s better then the original modified arm. This is beyond my best expectations!

Things are moving pretty quickly now as already got the arm painted and hopefully will be ready to reassemble later tonight or tomorrow (assuming the paint/coating is cured).

The arm is now painted, reassembled and back on the car!
I couldn’t be more excited to get the car back on the ground and running (it last ran on May 30th so it’s been about 8.5 months).

Next up:
– (Tonight) Double check all fasteners that aren’t marked
– (Tonight) Connect rear anti-roll bar to trailing arms and verify nothing is binding under load
– (Tonight) Heat wrap passenger rear brake and remote shock reservoir lines
– (Tomorrow night or Saturday morning) Bleed brakes
– (Tonight or tomorrow night) Add transmission fluid
– (Saturday) Add engine oil and generate oil pressure before adding fuel
– (Saturday) Double check brake and oil lines for leaks
– (Saturday or Sunday) Add fuel while calibrating level sensor
– (Saturday or Sunday) Pressurize fuel system to very no leaks and adjust base pressure
– (Saturday or Sunday) Add distilled water and a small amount of Honda/BMW coolant
– (Saturday or Sunday) Start motor, verify no leaks, adjust fuel pressure, bleed cooling system, verify idle control, ensure engine warms up to normally, test radiator fan, do a hot shut down and let cool to ambient before verifying no leaks and restarting motor
– (Saturday or Sunday) Take car off jack stands and ensure suspension is functioning correctly and no leaks
– (Saturday, Sunday or next week) Level and test air jack system, reinstall front splitter, secure front bumper lip and reattach new brake duct hoses
– (Next week) Test drive car down the street, verify no leaks/issues
– (Next week) Align suspension and corner weight
– (As time permits) Dyno engine and run final checks

A little detailed I know, but this is just a small sample of the checklist I run through at every step in the restoration/rebuild process.

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