Some Finishing Touches

The updates are slowing down a bit now that the car is more or less done, however, I’ll continue to provide periodic updates on any changes and track results.

While it’s far from a final result, I added a handful of stickers based upon the cars original sponsorship and series it completed in. Most notably, the car is now sporting number 38, the same number is ran under in the 24hrs of Spa (number 31 was only used for Speedvision/SPEED, or when Mark was the only driver). As for restoring the complete livery, I’ll likely make some other changes this Fall.

Rain Light
You’ll recall a few posts back I mentioned receiving a package from McLaren Electronics. We’ll the package contained a 2016 McLaren/Honda F1 rain light. The unit has a titanium housing, FIA spec LEDs, and a CAN based system that’s 100% programmable. I’ll feel a lot better using this in fog, rain and/or at night.

Camber & toe adjustments
Using some toe plates and a Smart Camber gauge, I was able to dial in the rear settings as both the toe and camber arms were replaced. While I need to get the car on an alignment rack to verify everything, I did dial in the camber to approx. -3deg front and rear, and 0 toe front and rear.

After driving maybe five or so miles around the neighborhood, I think got the front pads bedded in pretty well. While I need to fully bed them in at the track, I’m happy with the evenness thus far. Sadly however, I think the brake booster is toast. The brakes continue to have a spongy feel with the motor running but are rock solid with the motor off. The difference is quite surprising vs. my other cars. I tied swapped the booster when I replaced the brake system (the booster looked pretty beat), however, I was unable to fully remove it due to the roll cage bars (shock tower supports) and the alternator. Likely I’ll have to swap this when I pull the motor in late spring (May/June). Not a show stopper but an annoyance nonetheless.
Outstanding items
– Add fasteners to both sides of the front lip
– Connect brake duct hoses
– Install SFI BSCI roll bar padding around head area
– Install window net
– Finish wiring for rain light
– Confirm alignment & corner weight settings on an alignment rack
– Confirm air/fuel mixture on the dyno
– Get the car back on the track!

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