Rebuilt Motons by Anze

Suspension finished
In record time, Anze rebuilt the shocks and had then back at my door step by Saturday morning (they originally received them on Monday afternoon. Overall the results were very good with the only issues being a broken rebound adjuster on the passenger front shock (expected) and a semi-busted high-speed compression adjuster on the driver’s front shock (expected). Given the age, the shocks were completely disassembled rebuilt with new seals, fluid and nitrogen. Also the hoses were replaced with banjo/swivel seals and the passenger rear line was also sleeved with a fire wrap due to the exhaust pipe location. Lastly, the rebound valves were replaced with units that matched the new spring rates.
The reassembly took place on Saturday before a quick test drive around the block. While I haven’t had it on the track yet, I can say that so far it feels like I’m riding on a cushion of air. The street around my house is pretty horrible so I have a good idea on how well the suspension is works between 5-40mph. It’s absolutely amazing how good this car feels. Also a big thank you Angelo & Brian at Anze, and of course to Christian (Xian) for putting up with me.

Corner weight
Even though I just did this, I had to corner balance the car again as the spring perch got moved. While I’m not aiming for perfection (I’ll take care of that on an actual alignment rack), I was able to get a 50% cross weight and 52% left weight (can’t adjust that but good to know). Also the ride height seems pretty good, all though I’d prefer the front to be a tad higher. For some reason I always run my cars with slight rake… very odd and something I just noticed.

Carbon splitter
Since I was messing around with the air jacks I decided to use this as an opportunity to swap splitters and try on the original carbon piece. The Special Projects wood piece is great both for durability and cost effectiveness, however, the carbon piece just pops visually and is as rigid as anything I’ve seen. I could stand on it if I wanted to. While I’ll likely put back the wood piece for the track, I wanted to snap a few pictures of this gem (pure carbon and honeycomb). Also this is the first time probably in over a decade where the car has almost all of the Belgian Procar and Speedvision parts installed (carbon hatch, carbon doors, carbon rear panels, carbon door cards, carbon center console, carbon dash plates, carbon cowl, carbon hood, carbon air box, carbon brake ducts, carbon outer CV ducts, carbon inner CV ducts, carbon transmission duct, carbon bumper duct, carbon splitter and of course the fiberglass extended air dam (Special Projects unit but it’s more or less the same as the original Fosstech piece).
I still haven’t installed these but will probably tackle it in a few weeks once I alignment and tuning addressed.

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