Eibach 2016 @ Storm Stadium

I’ve been planning to attend for the past few weeks but finally pulled the trigger early last week once the suspension was back from being rebuilt.

No changes were really made to the car aside from installing the carbon splitter.

The drive to LA
It was a long journey going down but thankfully we didn’t hit any traffic on Saturday morning.
The X5M kicked ass a usual and made the haul over the grapevine with ease. I averaged around 14-16mph going 60-80mph with the trailer. Also this was my first time using the electronic trailer brakes via the built-in wiring in the X5M. Normally I just use the X5M brakes. The controller was super easy to use and did a great job balancing the braking bias and minimizing the effort on the X5’s system.
Also following was Jackson (redGSRguy) and Lawrence in Jackson’s ’98 K-swap ITR. Since we stayed at a friend’s place outside LA, the total drive time was about 5hrs.

The event
So early Sunday morning, about 5am, we got up and headed to Lake Elsinore which was about 2hrs from where we stayed overnight.
I promise, I’m not really a show guy. I know…I know the last two events I attended were car shows, but this was different. I’ve never been to an Eibach meet and likely wouldn’t have attended had Mark Krumme not asked a few weeks back when he dyno’d the Moton shocks. He said they’d love to have my car in the main Eibach booth and it would be a great opportunity to meet a lot of SoCal folks and businesses. And boy did he not disappoint. Going into this I didn’t know what to expect, however, upon my arrival Mark, Tony and Jarred parked the car right in front of the main entrance, in probably the best spot in the show. Super cool!

What I also didn’t expect or fully appreciate was being able to meet up with so many old school people/businesses I hadn’t seen in years. Like 12-16yrs in some cases! Aside from attracting a lot of car show/stance folks, pretty much the who’s who of the Honda world in California/West Coast attended.
Also, lot of people kept coming up and introducing themselves as Instagram followers that have been watching the resurrection online for the past few years. It was super cool, especially seeing their enthusiasm. Emjoi’s are great but seeing peoples expressions in person so much better. Call me old school.

Anyhow, the meet was a blast and to cap it off we had an impromptu ITR meet. Sadly a lot of ITR’s left before the picture but we ended up getting about eighteen cars parked together for a picture. That’s probably the most I’ve seen together since throwing ITRCA NorCal meets back in 1998-2001.

Despite the painful drive back (we didn’t get home until 3am after driving for almost 8hrs straight and being wake for almost 24hrs), I’m really glad I attended. We’ll how next year goes but with some more planning I bet we could make this a lot easier to attend.

I won’t repost all of Bitanga’s pictures, but this one was pretty sweet and one of my favorites:

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