Upgrading GPS Module

GPS upgrade & fine tuning

AiM recently released the new GPS08 module (replaces the GPS05). Back in January I attended an AiM advanced data analytics seminar to learn some new tricks with the software as I’ve typically focused heavily on Motec software. During the seminar it was announced that the GPS08 module would be coming out soon and would vastly improve the GPS accuracy. It’s not to say the GPS05 module is bad, however, the GPS08 unit would be able to leverage the Russian Glonass-System GPS satellites in addition to the standard American GPS satellites (Glonass adds 24 additional satellites to the existing 32 US satellites). In quick a back to back comparison my GPS05 unit was receiving data from approx. 10-12 satellites whereas the GPS08 unit was getting closer to 15-17 satellites (the count varies on your surroundings and satellites position). From an accuracy standpoint, vehicle position (relative) and speed are now as accurate as any system on the market. In fact, it’s likely the most accurate GPS available, and will be great for events held during poor weather or in in hilly/forest areas. Also for what it’s worth, supposedly this GPS system is so accurate that it more or less replaces only beacon or sensor based systems.

I also took this time to refine a few warning input and outputs between the AiM MXL2 and Hondata S300. Got to love CAN, Wi-fi (AiM) and Bluetooth (Wi-Fi) communication.

Also with Lawrence tuning expertise in the passenger seat and me behind the wheel, we did a bit of partial throttle tuning in the neighborhood using the AiM wideband and S300. We probably doubled the fuel economy at partial throttle while also maximizing the responsiveness at each load point. Even though I’m running the temporary (small) motor, this is a great test bed to refine the map for this chassis.

Oh yeah and I also finally got around to putting up the Speedvision flags I’ve had in storage.

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