History 201

As promised some time ago, I’ve spent a great deal of time gathering pictures, videos and literature covering the Belgian Procar series, EERC, BTCC and Britcar series.
Starting in 1997 and in 1998, the Honda Integra Type R pretty much dominated the Belgian Procar series, and was a heavyweight contender in 1999 and 2000. The fame is similar to that of Realtime Racing in the US. In fact, I believe Realtime even used some parts from a few of the teams.
Starting around July 1997, several shops (Foss-Tech, PSI Motorsports, ELR and Mardi Gras to name a few) were commissioned by Honda Motor Europe to prepare a Honda Integra type R chassis to Group N and Super Production race specifications. The intent was to shatter as many lap and endurance records as possible across several racing circuits in Europe. The idea being to generate media and spectator interest to coincide with the European launch of the DC2 Integra Type R. Ultimately several events were won and eight lap records were broken in seven different countries between six drivers; Marco Werner, James Kaye, Altfred Heger, Gabrielli Tarquini, James Thompson and Thierry Thassin.

While is this only a very small sample of what I’ve gathered, below are some videos and pictures covering races in 1998, 1999 and 2000. In particular the 24hrs of Spa for all three years.
Sadly however, I’m still trying to locate videos for 2000 and 2003, when Mark participated with my car.

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Thermostat Testing + More updates

Radiator update
The Fluidyne radiator/oil cooler is back from Piranha Ultrasonic and Fluidyne after getting fully inspected and ultrasonic cleaned. No damage was discovered, however, the ultrasonic cleaning did remove a decent amount of fine silt, calcium buildup, Redline water wetter deposits and some fine aluminum shavings. Everything is now is squeaky clean and it’s also sporting a new 14″ SPAL fan that’s welded to bracketry on the core, rather than zip ties through the fins. Additionally, a new radiator cap was also added as the original piece around 15yrs old and likely to fail at some point. Going forward the cooling system will be filled with distilled water and a small amount of Honda coolant. I’m sure some folks will disagree but I’m 100% against Redline water wetter. I HATE that stuff. If not properly maintained and frequently flushed, it will leave deposits throughout the cooling system.

New XRP HS-79 PTFE hose with Hypalon outer covering
As part of overhauling the cooling system (water and oil), I’ve also chosen to replace the radiator hoses with new Honda pieces (trimmed to fit) and also replaced the old stainless oil cooling hoses (unknown age & condition) with XRP HS-79 Hypalon PTFE hose. This hose is by far the coolest stuff I’ve played with. Silly I know, but I’ve been ogling over it since seeing it at the XRP SEMA booth in 2001. HS-79 is incredibly lightweight and flexible and features a larger bore size then other hoses of the same size. It’s also 5-ply with a PTFE inner liner, silicone outer liner, high tensile stainless steel reinforcing braid, outer braid of aramid fiber/Kevlar, and a black CSM Hypalon out coating for abrasion resistance and ease of cleaning.
The downside is the cost and assembly process. Per foot this stuff is ungodly expensive, but worth it for the ultimate hose solution. Assembly wise, you need to use special hose ends, crimp collars and a custom hydraulic crimping machine. Thankfully about five to eight years ago I made the investment by purchasing one of these machines from defunct Baja/Trophy truck team and have been looking forward to putting it to use on this car. I’ll try to take more pictures later but here’s a side by side comparison of the two hoses and the crimp machine.

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More Testing @Sonoma

After a new record setting pass last time out the team wanted to once again get out and do some testing on the old setup. The main change was addition of the certified cage for 9 second passes.

Unfortunately on the first pass the team ran into transmission issues and had to call it a day. A sad farewell for the trusty old motor.

New ELR wheel studs

ELR wheel studs arrived
Thanks to Mark (Hein) and Marc (ELR), I finally got the handmade wheel studs from Europe. While I was going to settle for basic ARP units, Mark said the ELR pieces are worth the wait/cost. Boy was he right, they are beautiful and will perform great during rapid wheel changes. Also the knurl is perfectly sized.

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Wet Paint

Mid January Update:

Front bumper & lips are back from painting
As you’ll recall the front bumper didn’t match the correctly (not even close). While I didn’t want to repaint the entire car (it’s a racecar not a show car), I had a friend work his magic to get an almost perfect match. The results are pretty surprising. I also had both the OE and extended (P1 spec) lips refinished and painted to match.


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1-Year into the Build thread

Exactly one year ago today I started this build thread and the reception and interest I’ve received has been absolutely amazing! While I’m normally a pretty private guy, everyone’s curiosity and support has continued to push me to share the progress. Thank you!

Due to the holidays and year-end related work, I haven’t made a ton of progress since the Dec 18th update, however, several items are in motion:

Rear trailing arm is almost done
A few pieces still need to be welded, however, the arm is pretty close to being ready. Once finished, I’ll be able to button up the suspension, bleed the brakes, get the car back on the ground, test the air jacks and get it on the alignment rack. Hopefully by month end I’ll have this done.

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